KoJa Kitchen in Dublin, CA

I found out about KoJa Kitchen through my Yelp app, of course! We use Yelp all the time to help us find good food nearby. KoJa had great reviews and pictures so we figured we would stop by and give it a try. Oh man, I am so glad we did. The food was absolutely delicious and the restaurant itself was super cute and clean.

KoJa is considered a Korean Japanese fusion restaurant. The name KoJa actually is a mashup of Korean and Japanese and its also the name of their signature dish. A burger made with garlic-flavored rice buns and meats made in their own special No. 96 sauce. The restaurant itself actually started as a food truck in San Francisco in 2011. It was such a huge hit that they bought their first actual store front only 3 years later. Now, in 2018 according to their website, there are 16 other Bay Area locations! They even caught the attention of Guy Fieri and ended up being featured on an episode of Diner’s Drive-Ins and Dives.

We went to the restaurant on a Friday at around 8pm and it was still totally packed. We ordered basically everything on the menu so we could try it all. Needless to say, we were completely stuffed when we left and totally satisfied. Everything we chose was cooked well, well presented and had great flavor.


We ended up ordering the Original KoJa, the beef, pork and chicken tacos, the Umami Fries and the Korean Buffalo Wings. We shared everything and it was more than enough food. The Original KoJa burger was by far my favorite item. The short ribs were almost sweet and very saucy. The “bun” was made up of the fried garlic rice patties and they were crispy and soft at the same time which created a really excellent texture with the saucy short ribs. It definitely started to fall apart after a few bites but the mess was absolutely worth it in my opinion.

My second favorite had to be the chicken taco. Maybe its the sesame vinaigrette that I love so much but the meat has such awesome umami flavor and sweetness that meshes so well with the wasabi mayo and the crunch of the fried onions. I swear I could eat about 10 of those tacos.

The Umami fries were my third and final favorite. They were meaty and saucy but the waffle cut somehow manages to keep the fries from getting soggy. My only complaint was that the pork was a bit dry, especially considering all the sauce it had on it. I would definitely order them again though. Or maybe try the Kamikaze fries this time. Although I must admit I am a bit wary of the kimchi. Not my favorite.

Our food clockwise: Korean Buffalo Wings, Chicken Taco, Beef Taco, Pork Taco, Umami Fries and Original KoJa Burger.

Our food clockwise: Korean Buffalo Wings, Chicken Taco, Beef Taco, Pork Taco, Umami Fries and Original KoJa Burger.


Mike said his favorite taco was the beef taco of the three. He also said the buffalo wings were good (I didn’t try them), but maybe a bit to heavily sauced. The first few he ate were crispy but over time the sauce made the wings lose their crispness. He said the sauce was similar to a mild or medium buffalo sauce. Heat level for him was a 5 out of 10. He said, and I quote “I didn’t need to dunk them in Ranch and I didn’t feel it the next day”. So, apparently thats how he figures out his heat scale. Hahaha!

So all in all, I definitely recommend you visit KoJa Kitchen if you get a chance. The food is good. The restaurant has cute decor. The service is speedy. I would definitely visit again. Let me know in the comments below what you think of KoJa Kitchen when you visit!