Hello! We're the wandering Williams.

Disney Engaged

Welcome! My name is Rachel and I'm so happy your here, checking out our website. Mike and I met in 2007 through my roommate and even though we liked each other and both had secret thoughts that there may be something more between us, we ultimately were dating other people and therefore nothing happened romantically between us. Fast forward 9 years later, and we reconnect over good ol' Facebook. We both were going through very similar break-ups at the time and started to chat casually. 6 months later, I had returned to our hometown in California where he was living and we reconnected in person. We had an immediate connection and were officially a couple about a month later. We got married in January of 2019 and started to plan for our future. After spending a few weeks watching full-time RVers on youtube, I started showing Mike some of the amazing travel videos I was seeing. We just decided to jump in head first and try it for ourselves. Our plan is to go to the 49 states we can reach by RV, and possibly even Canada and Mexico. 


Kevin is a 4 year old English Labrador Retriever and he is as rambunctious as he is a sweetheart. He is obsessed with toys. I'm fairly certain that he thinks about his collection the entire time that he's separated from them. When you come meet him, he will proudly show off his new fave fuzzy that he loves so much.