Honest Kitchen Dehydrated Dog Food

When we started considering this lifestyle of full-time RV travel and living, we had been having some problems with our dog Kevin and his allergies. He would get ear infection after ear infection, and chew his paws endlessly until they were red and raw. He was overweight and lazy and the poor guy deserved better. Having some past experience with Labrador allergies, I did the deep dive into the internet, looking for hypoallergenic food for him. I figured it was a good place to start and hoped that it would keep us from having huge vet expenses while on the road.

Thats when I stumbled across The Honest Kitchen. I loved their philosophy on how dog food should be made and what our pets should be eating. They built their brand on being honest and making 100% human grade food. Seriously, 100% human grade! Because they choose to manufacture that way, they have to meet very strict safety and quality standards, making them subject to following around 100 rules about manufacturing and quality control. They choose to use human-grade high quality ingredients and refuse to use any by-products, waste or “4D” meats.

What are “4D” meats you ask? They are meats used in “feed-grade” pet foods. Any pet food that isn’t considered human grade is feed-grade. Feed grade pet food companies are able to use “4D” meats, meaning meat from animals that are dying, diseased, disabled or dead. Seriously?? EW! They’re subject to about 15 manufacturing and quality control rules and are only required to meet a very basic standard of animal feed. Which means they also get away with using lower quality ingredients in general from their fruits and vegetables to supplements. I think it’s pretty easy to make the choice to switch just knowing that.

But for us there was an added bonus. The Honest Kitchen food is dehydrated, so 40 pounds of dog food fits in a pretty small 10 pound box. When you’re living full-time in an RV, the amount of space something takes up is very important. The fact that I could store, two small boxes of Honest Kitchen food, that barely makes a dent in my RV cabinet storage but still provides us with 80 pounds of food was a HUGE perk. They also have a rewards program, after you buy 10 boxes, your 11th box is free!


So after all the research I was definitely ready to switch to Honest Kitchen. To us, our dog is a family member, and in our hearts he’s just as human as we are, so he should eat just as healthy. So we started him immediately on the Whole Grain Turkey Recipe. The ingredients were simply dehydrated turkey, organic oats, potatoes, organic flaxseed, carrots, cabbage, apples, honey, organic kelp, garlic. Plus vitamins and minerals. It’s super simple to make, just check the feeding guide, add your cups and add water. We took their advice and split his daily amount between two meals, morning and night. He LOVES it! The transition was pretty easy, and it didn’t cause him any stomach discomfort. He is so excited to eat it too. I mean, he’s a lab, he’s excited to eat everything but he seems extra excited about The Honest Kitchen food.

I think The Honest Kitchen makes excellent food that soars above and beyond the expectations most pet parents have for the food they are buying their companions. I feel confident knowing that Kevin is eating healthy and as fresh as we can. I would highly, highly, HIGHLY recommend The Honest Kitchen dehydrated dog food for any animal, but especially our RV family.