South Jetty RV & Camping Resort - Thousand Trails

Overall, I gave South Jetty RV & Camping Resort 4 out of 5 stars. If you’d like to know more about why, read the breakdown at the bottom of the page.

Overall, I gave South Jetty RV & Camping Resort 4 out of 5 stars. If you’d like to know more about why, read the breakdown at the bottom of the page.

Before we even moved into our RV, let alone moved it off our property, we purchased a camping membership from Thousand Trails. There are varying levels of membership but essentially the idea is that you pay a flat annual fee, and get “free” camping at their resorts and campgrounds all over the country. South Jetty RV & Camping Resort was our first RV park in the Thousand Trails system and wow, did it surprise me! After our previous stay at the Fairpark RV I wasn’t sure what to expect.

South Jetty RV park is located very close to Highway 101, giving it quick access to the town of Florence, Oregon, as well as the beach. I was pretty surprised though when we drove into the campground and were immediately transported into a forest wonderland. There were huge trees, a bubbling creek, and a quiet beauty that made you feel far from society or the ocean. The staff was welcoming and helpful when we pulled in. We were even allowed to choose our own site, which was a wonderful surprise. The park has great amenities including an activity center, adult lodge, laundry room, pool & spa, horseshoe pit, playground and a dog park. They even had planned activities like game and movie nights. Overall our stay was incredibly enjoyable, I wish we could have stayed longer.


  • RV sites w/full or limited hook ups - $38 per day

  • Tent sites - $34 per day

  • Rental cabin and yurts - $87+

Also note there’s a maximum of 6 people per site. Extra vehicles are $10 per night and there is a $10 per night fee for pets in rental cabins and yurts. Checkout time is 11am for rentals and noon for camp sites. We stayed a total of 4 nights in November 2018 for the great low price of $0. The park offers options for long term stays, even annual sites. We didn't ask about the Ranger Station accepting packages for us, but the post office was less than 5 minutes away and accepted general delivery packages.

The Breakdown

  • Environment - 4 out of 5 stars: This campground has an amazing “middle of nowhere” forest feel. When we looked out the window of our RV, we would completely forget about the fact that we were about 5 minutes away from civilization. The site we chose (#162) was pretty level. We could see the RV’s next to us if we looked for them but otherwise, we felt it was pretty private. If we wanted to go out to eat or grab some groceries we just hopped in the truck and 5 minutes later we were in downtown Florence. Florence has some great restaurants and cute little shops, it’s a very fun town to visit. The Oregon Dunes are also very close and it was awesome to be able to hop in the truck and be on the beach in a matter of a few minutes.

  • Grounds - 4 out of 5 stars: The amenities at this park include an 18+ Adult Lounge and all ages Activity Center, bathrooms, Thousand Trails membership office, saunas, laundry room, dog park, pool and spa, playground and various park areas with outdoor games. The park itself has a kind of confusing layout, it took us a day or two to get the hang of how to drive in and out of the park. The bathrooms and activity centers were squeaky clean and well cared for, even though they could use some updating. I loved that there was a book trade shelf in the activity center. I didn’t trade any books myself but it was full of options if you wanted to. I also loved the dog park, it was so nice to just pop in and let the boys burn off some energy.

  • Noise Level - 5 out of 5 stars: The park was incredibly quiet at night. Everyone respected the quiet time hours. There was almost no noise at all, which can be a bit unnerving at first. During the day our site remained fairly quiet as well, other than when people drove by. The activity centers during the day were practically deserted which made it a good place to go work, or watch TV.

  • Connectivity - 3 out of 4 stars: We had good cell service here, 3 or 4 bars of Verizon LTE most times. Our site did not connect to WiFi from the Activity Center even though we were fairly close. We were a bit bummed about that but the staff did give us a heads up that chances are we wouldn’t get any wifi at any sites. We did get about 12 channels through our HDTV antenna which was nice, especially considering we were low on data for streaming. I could still watch the Today Show in the morning which is really all that matters to me.

  • Staff - 4 out of 5 stars: The staff here were all incredibly friendly and helpful. In the middle of the night when our sewer drain clogged while emptying our tanks, the staff quickly came to assist us. They always had smiles on their faces, and seemed genuinely happy to be there.

  • Community - 3 out of 5 stars: Honestly, I think we only ran into one or two other campers while we were visiting. They were nice people and there isn’t much else to say about that. We didn’t attend any of the community events or movie nights but driving by one night on the way to dinner, it looked like there was a large group of people at one of them. I’m sure if we had gotten more involved we would have really enjoyed ourselves.

Would we visit the South Jetty RV & Camping Resort again? Absolutely 100% yes! We loved the private campsites, the huge trees, the amenities and the dog park. We would definitely come back, in fact I was pretty sad to be leaving. I’d love to hear from you if you’ve ever visited South Jetty or plan to in the future. Leave me a comment below. Happy adventures!